Plans to demolish Essendine Hotel

  Posted: 06.04.19 at 21:58 by The Editor

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Plans are in the pipeline to demolish derelict Essendine Hotel in Essendine.

An application has been submitted to Rutland County Council to level the Bourne Road building with the intention of using the site for office and light industrial buildings.

The applications states: "The structure is old, has not been used for over 14 years, is falling into disrepair and is no longer economically viable.

"The owner fears a safety incident as it deteriorates and has chosen its complete demolition as the answer to make the site safe and to facilitate a more energy efficient development."

It goes on to say that all identified asbestos-containing materials will be removed by certificated operatives and transported to a licensed tip facility for disposal.

Once the site is asbestos-free, demolition will get underway.

This will almost exclusively be done mechanically, by an excavator fitted with specialist attachments such as grapples, rotational grabs, hydraulic hammers and buckets.

The excavator will weakening the building and then 'grab' the structure at various strategic points to pull parts to the ground in 'a safe, controlled manner'.

The application goes on: "This will be done in such a way that the remaining sections of the building will remain stable and safe from uncontrolled collapse.

"The parts of the building will be processed and separated into different materials (wood, metals, plastics etc.) for recycling and disposal.

"This process will be repeated until all structures have been cleared from the site.

"The site will be left graded flat (so far as is reasonably practicable) and free from steps, sudden drops, voids and trip hazards - ready for the next phase in the site's redevelopment. In this case, office and light industrial use."

If given the go-ahead, the demolition is intended to start mid-May and is estimated to take six weeks.

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