Give your Bourne business the post-lockdown boost it needs with a free advert

  Posted: 19.07.21 at 08:28 by The Editor

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Lockdown has been so tough for local businesses in Bourne and across the country.

Luckily here at Nub News we are here to help.

We can help your business reach 1000s of readers for free.

All you have to do is join our local list.

Our local list is a free register of local businesses in the Bourne area.

Here is how you sign up:

1. Click the link HERE and press the black 'nub it' button.

2. Fill in your details describing your business and how to get in contact.

3. Click submit - we'll review them and voila you have a free ad on your hands.

For any further information then do not hesitate to email [email protected]

PS If you have a good business story to tell, please let us know at the above email address as well.

PPS: If you have an event to promote, advertise it for FREE in our What's On Section, by clicking the link HERE.

PPPS Please like and follow us on Facebook and don't forget to tell your family and friends about Nub News.

PPPPS And finally, please subscribe our FREE newsletter. The link is directly underneath this story.

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