Former students in push to change Bourne Grammar School's 'whitewashed' curriculum

  Posted: 23.06.20 at 12:48 by The Editor

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Hundreds of people have signed an online petition calling for Bourne Grammar School to change it's 'whitewashed' curriculum.

The petition has been organised by former pupils Mimi Chifamba, Tiya Bali, Aisling O'Keefe, Ahmed Sharaf, and Eleanor Waldock, and is now just short of its 500 target.

Demanding the school implements 'anti-racism education', the petition said:"The School has a large ethnically diverse community, and their current, whitewashed curriculum fails to educate these students and their white peers on the history and roots of racial injustice, as well as the effects our society still feels today."

The petition says Key Stage 3 English students will be reading books from authors who are 'all white' and they want one 'POC' (person of colour) author included every year.

It continued: "We also ask that the bi-weekly citizenship lessons students receive from the Headteacher should be expanded to include discussions about racial inequality in contemporary British society.

"These discussions should be extended into diversifying and varying the PSHE sessions delivered by the School also. We suggest that these lessons should include information about Windrush, institutional racism within systems in society such as the legal system, and disproportional educational achievement between ethnic groups.

The petition

"Finally, we ask that the History lessons in Year 8 that focus on the British Empire and Slavery are slightly altered to teach students to think critically and understand the negative impacts of colonialism and Britain’s large role in the Slave Trade.

"We hope that the School will take into account our demands and suggestions."

School headteacher Jonathan Maddox declined to comment.

Since the story went online, a parent of one of the children contacted Nub News and said: "Firstly, the petition is one of hundreds linked to schools all over the country. Secondly, the group of students concerned are in full discussions with the school."

She added: "This is not a Bourne Grammar issue...all British schools have a "whitewashed" curriculum and these students just want to make sure their school is at the forefront of change."

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