Farm distillery approved near Bourne

  Posted: 21.07.21 at 11:24 by The Editor

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A distillery is to operate from a farm between Stamford and Bourne.

Fiona and Andrew Beamish have gained planning approval to change the use of existing building at Church Farm, Bourne from B1/B8 to a distillery use including the production of agricultural products grown at Church Farm.

The application to Rutland County Council said the distillery would use a modern automated system and would use 96%abv natural spirit delivered to the site. The spirit would be measured and would then macerate for 24 hours with water and botanicals added to start the distillation, which would take 2 weeks.

Essendine Parish Council supported the application, as did neighbour Rev Jo Saunders who said: "Their vineyard has added a great deal to the visual impact of their land and it is good to see this developing further."

A report by Rutland Council planning staff said: "The application is to support production of Wine and Spirits utilizing Grapes grown in the Vineyard at Church Farm.

"The use will operate within the existing building and will not involve any physical alterations."

Recommending approval, it concluded: "Taking into account the nature of the use, the location and the operating hours, it is considered that there will be no adverse impact on neighbouring residential amenity, highway safety or the character of the area."

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