'UFO' lights near Bourne cause a stir

  Posted: 29.07.20 at 10:25 by The Editor

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A possible UFO sighting near Bourne has created a stir on social media.

Alex Platts posted online a video of what he says he saw on Monday night, leading others to say they have seen similar.

Alex says
his video
was taken from the A151 between Twenty and Bourne.

He told Nub News: "The two lights you see lower in the frame are, to the left, the mast near Kirby Underwood and, to the right, somewhere around Dyke.

"I watched the object travel from the south west, over Bourne and eventually off north easterly.

"It appeared to be of a substantial size, flying lower than most traffic.

"It appeared to have a band of lights that lit and faded from front to back constantly."

Alex continued: "I am ex Army Air Corps and used to aircraft recognition. I could hear no sound or obvious sign of rotors or other form of propulsion although the object travelled quite rapidly from horizon to horizon, disappearing within a couple of minutes."

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